Our cottage is located in Bullerhamnsviken on the Småskär island in Luleå archipelago.


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Here are some pictures from the island:


M/S Bateau on it's way to Småskär

Here we're cruising at close to 20 knots in our Catalina. In Bullerhamnsviken - less then 5 minutes to the harbour. The skipper is checking the situation. The crew - Kicki - is on her way up.


The cottage in autumn dress

The cottage och the guest cabin a winterly autumn day in October. It wasn't so cold we coldn't have our coffee on the veranda sitting in the sunshine.



A lot of trout...

A satisfied fisherman with five trouts and some whitefish. Somebody think this is a record.


Down here's a space for many stories about big catches....




Autumn evening outside the cottage

A winterly autumn evening and a butiful wiev over the bay





Party in the cottage

There is a lot of gatherings.  Here is our friends Janne, Vanja, Hjördis proposing a toast, Sonny waving and Lennart wondering at the table. They also drink a beer now and then.



Party on the pier

There is a lot of gatherings. Here is Bert smiling, Birger, Kicki, Vanja and Anita having a party at the pier table. We also drink some wine now and then.


Midsummer on the beach

Every midsummer there is a party on the beach. This summer (2001) it started to rain when we were about to have our meal. Such things are not allowed to spoil a party. It is taken care of with some parasols.